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09 November 2008


Your Questions Answered

What is dollop TM?
An all natural hair styling pomade, designed professionally by an aromatologist. Made in New Zealand. dollop was designed like no other hair styling product we know of: its benefits make it a truly superior hair styling product. Each tin is 70g net weight.

What hair types does it suit?

Ideal for men and women, short and long hair. Fluffy and frizzy hair especially benefit from styling with dollop.

Where can I buy dollop TM?

Currently here on and in shops around New Zealand. Retailers are linked on the map in this web site.


Does dollop wash out?
Yes dollop washes out with shampoo. You can also brush and comb your hair easily after applying dollop. Rather than coating your hair with a tacky layer, dollop sinks in to nourish your hair. Genius.


Do we want feedback about the web site and the product / suggestions for suitable retailers / media contacts?
Yes please!

Please let the dollop team know if you have any other questions.

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