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12 September 2009

dollop on rose petals

you know you've made it when...

...we'll definitely let you know when we know.

In the meantime, plenty is happening in the dollop ™ empire (apart from figuring out where the ™ is on a MacBook keyboard).

Two more bright Wellington salons are now stocking dollop ™ - Panache and The Powder Room. Lucky clientele - and stylists of course!

The Powder Room recently styled the Spring / Summer FASHION magazine for The Dominion Post, using dollop ™ on the lustrous-locked cover girl, and in the major fashion spread ('Sustainable Style').

Find both these salons - and all our other stockists - on our 'WHERE' page. 

There are so many other things going on... wish we could spill the beans on a few of them but we can't just yet! The beans are still cookin'.

Rock on spring and summer... lots more stylish hair and goodness to come.

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