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18 January 2009



Several excellent products have come to my attention lately:

  1. The rich, creamy opaque lipsticks of the Lipstick Queen, Poppy King. I could never get enough of her Ambition and Lust* when they were in New Zealand, and now she’s back with an equally fabulous line. She has also written a book about her business: “Lessons of a Lipstick Queen”, and I devoured it. Recommended. (* these are shades of lipstick, for the uninitiated.)

  2. Wondercap, the brainchild of a fabulous Wellington business woman. This is genius: a wheat bag shaped for the head. I’ve tried it with dollop applied to my hair and the result was deeply conditioned, silky locks glowing with health. Recommended - what a terrific solution.

  3. Antipodes Jubilation Body Cream. This stuff is joy alright! I commend the creator (yet another fine Wellington citizen) as being an aromatic artisan. And the texture of the cream is no less than perfect for sinking luxuriantly into the skin. I love this stuff. Recommended.

Along with dollop, these products are the full boom-jiggy combination for smelling divine, and looking healthy and glowing.

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