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09 May 2009

dollop on rose petals


Here are some unprompted reactions to dollop TM the product:

“I love dollop, it smells so good i want to eat it” DM, male, shop manager

“Had a date tonight - and it was with DOLLOP! I'm now sexier, nicer, hotter and sexier. I want more DOLLOP. Now” SB, male, PR consultant

“I love you DOLLOP.......not only do you look after and style my frizzy/fluffy hair you smell amazing too!” SG, female, stylist

“I can personally vouch for dollop's amazing all natural goodness, having been lucky enough to receive a prototype tin all the way over here in the UK!” EN, male, zoologist

“I am a Dapper Dan man and have been for years. But, friends, I can tell you I  have changed my tune. Dollop’s pomade is… perfect for creating  those beautiful Donald Draper hairstyles that all the ladies like these days.
“What sets Dollop apart is the wonderful smell. Dollop’s spicy ginger fragrance is  incredibly nice and is a nice change from the usual chemically smells of other  men’s hair products.
“And best of all its all natural ingredients.”
HG, male, sports blogger

“Gay guys just really love it and want to know where they can get it.” DL, male, senior barber

“Great product... thanks heaps :)” PD, male, web purchaser

“Went to get my hair cut a couple of days ago. Being the good citizen that I am, I  normally wash my hair first. This time I hadn't. After sitting down at the barber he  nodded appreciatively and said 'I see you washed your hair today'. My secret shame...  I hadn't washed my hair for 4 days, but I'd been using dollop so there was no crappy  residue.” CO, male, business owner

“Terrific trade. Gorgeous product. Highly recommended.” KR, female, web purchaser

“i have sold out of dollop! we LOVE it so much could i have another 5 asap!!! i just sold the last one two minutes ago and a client is sitting in the chair who wants some too!!!! Amazing” BB, female, salon owner / hairdresser

“Awesome stuff, My frizzies have gone, and its super shiny, lovin it... a great product.” PR, female, photographer

“I am using on selective clients with bald heads – heat the head up with a hot towel,  then apply – they love it, and so do I on my hands. The smell is also calming. I  need to learn everything about it.” DL, male, senior barber

“the pomade! I love it!" PW, male, sales director

“My son he is 21 LOVES dollop I notice he uses it all the time, he loves the smell he said.  He is a surfing dude and always gels his hair.” GM, female, CEO

“It’s a revelation!” DL, male, DJ

“I like my dollop and use it every day.” GF, male

“Great product… highly recommend to others.” FI, web purchaser

“great to know there are products being made from natural ingrediates that are good for the scalp and hair and environment and made in New Zealand...Awesome highly recommend.” PR, female, web purchaser

“I can happily report I love dollop and won't be using anything else. Ever. So  you'd better keep making it.” CO, male, business owner

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