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06 November 2008


daily dissertation

Aromatic Of the Day with Associated Facts and Customs:


Rosemary has been used for centuries as a hair tonic. It stimulates the follicles. That sounds ticklish, but it’s a fairly subtle effect. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation, and is a general and respiratory tonic.

The rosemarinus officinalis essential oil used in dollop TM is Spanish, a robust, camphoraceous Mediterranean type with good levels of a-pinene and 1,8-cineole.


Of course rosemary is a well-known culinary herb. Hippocrates the Father of Medicine thought you should cook it with vegetables as a tonic for your liver and spleen.

Back in the day, the splendid physician Nicholas Culpeper said of rosemary: “It helps a weak memory and quickens the senses.”


Rosemary’s penetrating, refreshing aroma certainly is a cephalic wake up call: the right dose is as good as a morning coffee for rubbing on your head.

Note: do not rub the coffee on your head: for optimum results use dollop.

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